Scribe Science Services

Manuscript Editing — Line-by-line editing and consistent formatting of your scripts for stage, screen, or online interactive media.

Article Writing/Rewriting — A great way to assist authors in their various field, especially those with a tight schedule, who require assistance with writing their research. We also offer authors a way to avoid unnecessary rejection of their papers by rewriting their work in a clear and concise English language.

Article/Book Formatting — A professional book formatter will go through your content line by line, ensuring consistency and that you meet the requirements of your publisher.

Cover Page Design — A careful review of your final draft to get it ready to submit to traditional or self-publishing houses.

Plagiarism Check — Line-by-line checking of your article against various data sources to ensure that your work conforms with general writing and publication standards.

Publication Assistance — Paper Review Centre offers authors a range of publication services to include recommending journals to authors as well as assisting authors from submission to publication.