About Us

In the universal world of scientific research, the capacity to write in proper English is a noteworthy preferred standpoint. Non-native English writers’ works are regularly dismissed from prestigious books and journals because of poor English, harming their odds for professional success and acknowledgment within their field.

Proficient Editing Services is only one of the numerous ways that Scribe Science helps her clients. Scribe Science Services’ Journal, Book, and Content and Information Solutions are upheld by a proper administration, highly efficient customer support, and technical support from our offices in the in the UK, Kenya, and Nigeria.

Why Scribe Science

With our many years of experience, we have built up a system of exceedingly talented editors across the globe. Every one of our editors has over 5 years of experience in science and language editing, some with over 10 years of experience. A large portion of our editors have postgraduate degrees, are editors in various journals and are associated with research establishments.

Our Goal

Our end goal here at Scribe Science is to help writers with little or no experience in written English, achieve success in their fields. Scribe Science, as a major provider of editorial services, article editing, manuscript writing/re-writing, and other forms of writing services have built upon the success of our numerous clients.